Ordering Office Supplies Just Got A Lot Easier

Value Added Business Services is the place to order all your office supplies. It’s quick and easy to use. Have you ever been in the middle of an order, maybe 15 items in the cart, lose electricity, and have to start all over? With Value Added Online Catalog, this will never happen! Our system puts your Cart on hold if you lose connection for any reason! Just log back in and continue your order. You can also create Multiple Lists by user, department, or even product category.


The fastest and easiest way to reorder your most frequently ordered items. Our website automatically maintains a listing of your top 50 items.

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Already know what you need? Save yourself time and hassle with Quick Shop. Enter the item
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You set the name of your individual Favorites lists. Easily export your lists to create a customized order form. It’s that simple!

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