Delivering solutions to streamline your business supply needs.

Value Added has never been a traditional business supply or procurement company. We don’t just sell products; at our core we’re a service company. We deliver innovative solutions driven by information, technology, flexibility and great people. Value Added demonstrates its commitment to reliability and customer care daily, providing you with the best value in business products and related services. As a customer driven company our focus is on your needs. Competitive pricing and quality goods are a given. And no matter what combination of products and services you utilize, we’ll make it easy.

Core Business Product Expertise

Having acquired and consolidated several companies and their expertise we have built a company unlike any other. This concentration and shared knowledge of the supplies you need to operate, provides us a unique ability to reduce vendors and truly be a single source for you.

Your Procurement Optimization is the ultimate goal.

Since 1997, we have worked with thousands of businesses to develop solutions to the supply, procurement and logistical challenges you face. Understanding your business is key. Whether we’re researching your usage, analyzing your product mix or streamlining your ordering process, you can be sure that we’ll effectively and efficiently manage your business’ supply needs. Our team of category experts will go to work delivering some of the most innovative product and service solutions available today.

There is more to great value than price.

A low price is great, but is it the best decision when it comes to choosing the things that keep your business and people working? Likely not. At Value Added, we help you understand the procurement process and educate you on the products you’re using. You want a low price, but shouldn’t the product do the job? Do the products last? Environmental impact concerns? Timeliness and correctness of what you ordered? With the daily changes in the marketplace, you need every advantage you can get. By actively managing your supply procurement, we’ll deliver the lowest total cost of ownership. Because we’re a full line, full service supplier, with expertise in all our core categories, we know all the ins and outs. We’ll help you make apples to apples comparisons. When you work with us, you’re assured the best value.

Markets We Serve

Value Added is an Ohio based company, servicing business, local, state & federal government, institutional and educational customers throughout the United States. We maintain offices in Ohio, West Virginia and New Jersey.  At Value Added we deliver solutions to streamline your business supply needs. We're your single source for the things you need to keep your operation, operating. Office, janitorial and breakroom supplies. Print, promotional products, signage, logoed apparel, tradeshow displays and other marketing materials.  Commercial furniture, technology and office machines. Safety equipment, tools, uniforms and more. All competitively priced, delivered with extra service, knowledge and convenience for you.

Services We Offer

• Office Supplies
• Printing
• Promotional Giveaways
• Commercial Janitorial Products
• Commercial Furniture
• Office Machines
• Signage
• Janitorial Service
• Warehousing & Fulfillment Services
• Graphic Design
• Logoed Apparel
... and much more!

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